002: Reaching FI in Atlantic Canada | T on FIRE

Today we talk to blogger Tanya from T on FIRE. In this episode, we find out how her journey to FIRE is unique to Atlantic Canada.


  • Tanya’s blog is a personal journal to keep her accountable to her FIRE goals (you’ll find very detailed FIRE reports).
  • Her take on Real Estate and affordability in Atlantic Canada.
  • Tanya mentions two fundamental books to her FIRE journey:
The Millionaire Next Door
  • Ryan always wants to know what people order at Timmy’s. When Tanya is forced to spend money on Tim Horton’s, she orders a medium coffee with two milk.

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2 Replies to “002: Reaching FI in Atlantic Canada | T on FIRE”

  1. Really enjoyed this interview. Nice to hear from someone who is at the beginning of their FI/RE journey. So many podcasters interview those who have already succeeded and whilst that may provide advice about how to achieve FI it always makes me feel rather inadequate, particularly if they are still in their thirties. The good thing about Tanya is that she has come to it in middle age, which gives other late arrivals the belief that it is worth starting, even if you’re no longer in your twenties.

    Really looking forward to the next episode.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. We’re still ironing out our interview technique so hopefully we’ll continue to improve. I think a big part of the FI conversation is missing if you don’t talk with the people that are at different points on the path. I also feel that where one lives has a lot of impact on the journey. We’re going to bring those conversations to the show and share them with Canada!

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