001: Meet Explore FI Canada!

This episode we decided to pass the mic and ask each other questions just to get to know each other a little more. Feel free to scroll down to each host—you’ll find notes of what they talked about and links they referred to.

Chrissy—Eat Sleep Breathe FI

  • Stay-at-home mom living near Vancouver.
  • Plans on achieving FI in a high cost of living area.
  • FI is a family goal of hers, giving her husband the option of going to work, not out of necessity.
  • Would consider a bicycle if BC wasn’t so hilly or rainy! Or had one of these: https://gfycat.com/whisperedrichcrow
  • Uses FI, not FIRE because the term ‘retirement’ is confusing and instigates conflict.
  • David Bach of The Latte Factor suggests a new term: FITE (Financial Independence, Transition Early).
  • He talks about it on the Afford Anything podcast by Paula Pant, found here: https://affordanything.com/192-the-latte-factor-with-author-david-bach/

Ryan—Canadian FIRE

  • Living in Kitchener, Ontario.
  • Currently a truck driver but an aspiring stay-at-home Dad.
  • Frustrated with the lack of Canadian FI content.
  • Current personal finance topics only focus on TFSA vs RRSP, which in his opinion are ridiculous articles in the first place.
  • More advanced strategies need to be discussed, such as taxable accounts.

Money Mechanic—FI Garage

  • Living in Victoria, BC.
  • Currently a mechanic who repairs helicopters (not cars!)
  • Pursuing FI to be able to take work and travel on his own terms.
  • Host of the FI Garage podcast along with The Accountant and The Economist, who are also from Victoria.
  • Wanted to start another podcast bringing regional diversity to the FI discussion and grow the community on a national level.

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4 Replies to “001: Meet Explore FI Canada!”

  1. Chrissy, so exciting to hear you. Interesting take on FI/FIRE. I heard David Bach on Afford Anything and agree entirely that the ‘retire’ bit puts people off. Basically it’s about having enough money so you only have to do your job if you want to and if you don’t want to you can resign and do something more enjoyable. Not sure how you put that into a four letter acronym!

    1. Hi Sam! Thank you for coming by to support this second project of mine. You’re amazing!

      FIRE really is a very catchy term. Nothing’s quite as sexy or catchy, is it? Even though most of us in the community feel it’s not an accurate name, I fear it’s here to stay!

      That’s okay, it just gives us more reasons to talk about it and hopefully get more people on board. 😉

  2. Listening from Edmonton. Started my journey in 2015. Hopefully FIRE will spread across Canada!

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