017: Online Meetup | Playing With FIRE Review

Did they portray the FIRE Movement as something realistic? Why did they move in with their in-laws? Was Taylor being completely honest? Listen in as Ryan and three participants rate and review the documentary Playing With FIRE!

The participants this week are: Jolie Viguers from Well Bean Coaching (Episode 007), Court from Modern FImily (Episode 010) and Chris from Mindful Explorer (no episode just yet!)


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4 Replies to “017: Online Meetup | Playing With FIRE Review”

  1. Great discussion! I agree with most of the pros and cons! I felt for Taylor who was working full-time remotely while Scott was spending time with their daughter and trying to establish his career. I’m sure it made the transition more difficult for her.

    1. Hi Joelle,

      Sorry for the late reply to this! The holidays were a little crazy and I’m finally catching up on podcast comments.

      You’re absolutely right that Taylor endured some unmentioned hardships. I know it would’ve been really tough for me to have been in her position when my kids were that little.

  2. I managed to watch the film for free recently with a code sent to me by a blogger. I shared many of the thoughts of your podcast contributors. I wonder if ordinary people would be interested in FIRE if it involves changing your whole life as Scott and his wife did. More basic information about making simple changes to your life and running the numbers would have been helpful I think. It’s a start though and it would be great to see some more film makers tackle this subject.

    1. Hi Sam,

      My apologies to you as well for this late reply! PWF is definitely polarizing. It seems we all want to root for it, but are cautious to because the Rieckens’ story is so extreme.

      It’s almost like it needs a mini TV series to follow them for a year so they can run through the day-to-day decisions and math that lead to FIRE. That kind of stuff is probably too mundane for the big screen, but it would be great as a show!

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